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Object    :    Production Hall / Warehouse
Picture    :    bild
Offer    :   
Building with a total floor space of 1,658 m²
hereof  approx. 1,418 m² Storage Area
approx.    110 m² Office Space
approx.      99 m² Sanitary Space
approx.       31m² Heater Room
Open Space  approx.    500 m²
Equipment    :   
● 5 steel foldable sliding gates (fit for truck traffic)
● 1 sectional gate (fit for truck traffic)
● Banks of windows in the upper third 
   of the hall
● Air conditioning compressor with pneumatic
● Clear height in storage hall 6.60 m
● 3 x 400 volt rotary current
● Central Heating and hot water preparation
    with natural gas
● Sanitary and locker rooms are tiled
● Second storey level in an area of
    approx. 18 x 8 m
● Some rooms equipped with air conditioning
● Intrusion detection system can be activated
   if required
Other    :   
● 24-hour Surveillance
● Space on collective commercial signage
● Existing cafeteria in the park
● Mailboxes available
● Sufficient number of parking spaces (for
   bicycles as well)
Note :
● Additional storage area and / or office space 
   in adjoining office building is possible
● Joint usage of existing telephone systems
Conditions :
● Warehouse / storage areas 3,50 €/m²
● Office space 3,50 €/m²
● auxiliary areas (hallways, sanitary
   and locker room areas) 3,50 €/m²
● Heating rooms 1,00 €/m²
● Open areas 0,51 €/m²
● Car parking spaces 5,00 €/each
● Compressor upon request
● Operating expenses upon request
General :
The offer is subject to change. 
Additional information can be provided upon request.
Please schedule a viewing appointment with the
person of contact.
All prices mentioned are exclusive of the respective advance
payment on the operating expenses and 19% German VAT.
This offer is free of commission for the tenant.
Person of Contact
on the site
Hoppegarten Park Property GmbH & Co.KG
Mr. Norman Grünzner
Industriestr. 12-14
OT Dahlwitz-Hoppegarten
15366 Hoppegarten
phone:  +49(0)3342/377-301
fax: +49(0)3342/377-309
e-mail: gruenzner-peregrine-gmbh @
Download  :  Angebot als PDF-Dokument zum Downloaden (387k)