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Object    :    Office Building
Photo    :    bild
Building Type    :    stand-alone massive construction
Offer    :    office space in the size of 9.50 mē, 12.00 mē, 24.60 mē
leasing preferably for half a floor

i.e. 5th floor (right side) with:
229.74 mē office space
42.22 mē hallway space
19.27 mē other space (kitchen, sanitary proportionate)
Equipment    :    - office and hallway with textile flooring glass and / or wooden doors
- ingrain wallpaper
- line channel for electricity and telecommunication
- master key system for all doors of the rented space
- swing and bottom hung windows (isolation / thermo glass) with
   inside blinds
- heating on basis of natural gas incl. hot water production
- kitchen furniture incl. refrigerator and dishwasher
- sanitary rooms tiled
- headroom 2.60 m
Other    :    - single rooms and basement space upon request possible
- combination with additional warehouse and open space
- sufficient number of parking spaces in front of building
- 24 hour guard service
- canteen / cafeteria service on the compound
- janitor, postal and cleaning service can be offered
- central business promotion display and existing telephon
   system may be used
Download    :    download this offer as pdf.file (720 k)